Vatican museum and Sistine chapel Skip the line self guided audio tour

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We believe this audio tour takes you on a journey through some of the most beautiful art and sculptures in the world.

The Vatican city itself is so eye-pleasing. Here even normal street corners feel like art. Can you imagine how beautiful this magnificent Vatican art museum is going to be!!?

That is why we invite you on this journey and you will explore it your own way. Because this is a self-guided tour and so you are free to explore at our own pace.


  • Audio tour(Spanish, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian)
  • Skip the line entry
  • You can choose your preferred entrance
  • Explore Vatican museum and Sistine chapel

Note: The Vatican museum is one of the most popular museums in the world. As a downside of this, the entry line is likely to be hours long. So use the skip-the-line facility with this tour as best friend to enter directly.

Cancellation: 99.99% percent of trips with Romantrips have free cancellation. Sadly this is one tour which we can not refund once bought. Our apologies.

A gift from Romantrips make memories:

We at Romantrips care about your memories. We care about making them more beautiful. So after the trip, you can send the pictures/videos you took of your trip to our official email: [email protected]

  • You will send the images in which you look the best
  • Our professional editor will edit the images so you look perfect
  • We will then send the images (memories) back to you by email
  • It’s 100% free!

What to bring with you:

  • Passport
  • Comfortable shoes
  • The voucher/ticket you receive from Romantrips


  • Ticket to st peters basilica is free but whether you can enter or not depends on the crowd control
  • Access to St. Peters Basilica dome

Not Allowed:

  • Shorts
  • Short skirts
  • Sleeveless shirts

Your life is your story, we are here to add a beautiful chapter to it. That’s what we have been doing for 10 years.

So book your tickets now!

Our Physical address/meeting point:

Via Germanico 27, Rome, Italy


[email protected]




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- Sep, 05, 2019 -

Pamela Melbin

This a very good tour except for the walking. Too much walking

- Sep, 03, 2019 -

Narelle Melbin

I wish I could go there every Sunday. The Vatican is the best place to be for the religious people. It Is so amazing. When u walk the hallways, it will goosebumps.

- Sep, 03, 2019 -

Abby Edwards

The Vatican government takes excellent care of the place, everything is in tip top shape even though thousands of people visit here everyday. But it must be very hard to take care of a massive place like this one.

- Sep, 02, 2019 -

Lynn Westrup

Some think the statue of liberty is big, show them the basilica.

- Sep, 02, 2019 -

Olive McKeown

The tour guide showed us such masterful sculptures and artwork. The magnificence of this place will never end and it will be here forever. Even the tajmahal in India is nothing compared to this magnificent structure.

- Sep, 27, 2019 -

Anthony Jury

It’s worth seeing, the baths are quite impressive. Not too many people inside which is a plus point. Online tickets saved me the wait. 5. It’s worth seeing, the baths are quite impressive. Not too many people inside which is a plus point. Online tickets saved me the wait.

- Sep, 27, 2019 -

Amna Sibalo

Full of history. I highly recommend visiting this Roman structure.

- Sep, 26, 2019 -

Sadz Harbaš

Superb engineering and architecture, mind-blowing presentation from our guide. Overall 7 star tour.

- Sep, 24, 2019 -

Austin Dias

Our group was small and that actually made the trip much more enjoyable. For some unknown reason this place is not as popular but to me it felt like a must visit

- Sep, 23, 2019 -

Ethan Corliss

Excellent location, jane was the most knowledgeable guide I met. She was generous with share information and really listened to my questions.

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