St. Peter’s Basilica Skip-the-line guided tour

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Did you know that the largest church on earth st. peter’s basilica was built without the benefit of modern tools such as bulldozers or jackhammers.

You will still be speechless when you witness the size and grandeur of st. peter’s basilica

And it’s not only how huge it is but also that every inch of the place is so beautiful that your heart will melt like ice cream with the warmth of the beauty.

St. peter’s basilica is also the most sacred place on earth to billions of Christians around the world. Overall this emotionally mind-boggling tour in a positive way.

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  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Professional tour guide
  • Cancellation up to 24 hours before the activity
  • Skip the long entry line with a reserved entrance

Cancellation policy:

  •  RomanTrips offers a free full-refund cancellation opportunityThe cancellation opportunity is available for up to 24 hours before the trip

A gift from Romantrips make memories:

We at Romantrips care about your memories. We care about making them more beautiful. So after the trip, you can send the pictures/videos you took of your trip to our official email: [email protected]

  • You will send the images in which you look the best
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  • It’s 100% free!


  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Free gifts
  • Dome climb

Dress code:

  • No shorts
  • No short skirts
  • Sleeveless shirts are not allowed
  • Pets are not allowed

St. Peters is a church. Please dress accordingly

Your life is your story, we are here to add a beautiful chapter to it. That’s what we have been doing for 10 years. So book your tickets now.

Our Physical address:

Via Germanico 27, Rome, Italy


[email protected]



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- Jan, 03, 2020 -

Jordu Schell

The shocking truth is the untold histories that I learnt about the basilica today on this tour. The people on the trip was super chill and yeah we had a great time.

- Jan, 03, 2020 -

Cheryl Ross

I has seen everything else apart from the basilica, now I am thinking why I did not see this first. This trip was amazing.

- Jan, 02, 2020 -

Mike Davin

If you don’t buy skip the line you are over for sure. I felt cheated because I did not realize the basilica is so beautiful but the videos of the place doesn’t do justice to it. As a filmographies this is unacceptable to me.

- Jan, 02, 2020 -

Staceylyn Muchaha

The security guard was rude to me. I hated it. Our guide tried his best to help me but I think he might lose his license. I am so sorry even though it is not my fault. Wanted to see the eternal city but the guide ruined it for me. I dnt want a refund but I need a way to complain to the authority about these guards.

- Jan, 01, 2020 -

Carmella Rose

I felt I have achieved something in life by visiting here! What a great place. The tour guide was easy to find.

- Jan, 01, 2020 -

Karen Richtar

Decided to visit it all in one day, I felt like this is the best way. The Vatican is so beautiful. Beautifully executed tour.

- Sep, 09, 2019 -

Heather Matthew

Going on tour brought such a big smile on my face. I was like little kid with candy the whole trip! Evn mr bean could not have made me this happy

- Sep, 09, 2019 -

Ganima Anau

I have been to many places around the world. This has been one of the coolest journey of my life. The dogma of going to beaches is so bad, Rome and the Vatican r so much beautiful.

- Sep, 07, 2019 -

Stephanie Pabai

This is an amzing church. Jane was very nice with her explanations. I went on a grouped tour and nonetheless it was great.

avatar - Sep, 06, 2019 -

Tanaio Anau

The designs are like no other. Superb place, I have never seen a crowded place look that stunning before. LOL. The space inside the Basilica is so spacious and the architecture again are wonderful. I just said that twice. My bad..

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