Guided Priority access to Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

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Visit the Colosseum, a place that needs no introduction. Rediscover its wonders on your own using your timed special tickets. You will get an excellent booking experience. Also, enjoy super easy access facilities.

You will also visit the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill the way you like it. So enjoy your time at your own pace.

Main Features:

  • An escort will lead your entry.
  • Access to Colosseum, Roman Forum.
  • Enjoy the best view of the city in the palatine hill.

What to expect:

The Colosseum was constructed as a gift from the ancient emperors to the Roman people. You will explore this ancient stage for gladiators. It’s like traveling back to a bloody past.

More than 5 million visitors come here every year.

At Roman Forum and Palatine hill, you will witness Temple of Antoninus Pius, Temple of Castor and Pollux, Temple of Saturn, Arch of Septimius Severus and much more. At the Palatine hill, you will witness the best view in town.

Don’t forget to make memories.

Click the BOOK NOW button and complete the booking process now. That way you receive your priority access tickets to Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hil by email within minutes.


  • Your host will escort you to the colosseum. (1st and second floor).
  • Your host will escort you to the Roman Forum.
  • Entry to Palatine Hill.
  • Assistance from our host as they escort you inside.


  • Skipping security.
  • No tour guide.
  • Access to the 5th,6th and underground floors is not available.
  • No audioguide.
  • No wheelchair access, due to its nature.
  • Bags and backpacks are not allowed in the Colosseum and the Forum Romanum.

Useful information:

  • All visitors must carry a valid ID with him/her. If you fail to present it at the time of entry, venue authorities might deny entry. Reschedules or refunds are not provided in this case.
  • Visit all three locations on the same day as your ticket has only one-day validity.
  • Children (aged 0-3) can enter the Colosseum for free.

Dress Code:

Wear comfortable shoes and loose clothing. The tour includes walking, hills and stairs.

Cancellation policy:

Your ticket can be canceled up to 48 hours in advance. You will get a full refund.

My tickets:

  • Tickets are sent to you by email.
  • Please show it to your guide on your mobile phone with a valid photo ID.
  • If you bought reduced-price tickets, keep your valid photo ID proof with you all the time.
  • Students are required to show student IDs.
  • Arrive 20 minutes before the start time, please.

Note: If you fail to present valid ID at the time of entry if requested, venue authorities might deny access.  In such cases, no refund or reschedule is provided.

Meeting point:

Meeting point details and specific instructions will be in your final voucher.


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- Oct, 07, 2019 -

Larry Reese

We did the Underground Tour and it was money well spent. Our guide Sara was very very knowledgable,had degrees in Antiquity Art history , archeology .

- Oct, 08, 2019 -

Shane Burns

It was an amazing place to see. A re-creation of how the wild animals were brought up to the floor of the colosseum, as well as how the gladiators entered. Saw up where the people sat also--I'm sure the wealthy has slaves to bring soft pillows. Those marble benches would have been uncomfortable for anyone.

- Oct, 09, 2019 -

Cheryl Emmons

If you want to know the great history of colosseum in most enchanting way, just go for this tour. Our guide was highly knowledgeable, and explained everything in great detail. In the underground, where the wild animals were kept, in the Arena where the shows took place and at the end on the Top floor where from you can see the top view of colosseum, all are beautifully shown in the tour. Rest of the floors you can visit of your own.

- Oct, 11, 2019 -

Robin Ross

This tour is absolutely worth the 9 Euros extra on top of the usual ticket. We got to go onto the arena floor, below the floor, and the third tier. All places you can't usually get into. The guide was interesting, the photo opportunities were great.

avatar - Oct, 10, 2019 -

Tami Gerard

It was a great way to see the Colosseum. The underground tour was only opened for public in 2011 so we did not have an opportunity to see the underground when we were last in Rome some years ago. This time, we wanted to see the Colosseum in a different perspective and was lucky enough to be able to book the tour. Booking of tickets can be done online

avatar - Oct, 11, 2019 -

Lynn Taylor

This tour was one of the best buys we had on our entire 2 1/2 week trip through Switzerland and Italy. Even if you aren't a history buff, you will get a much deeper appreciation of what the Colosseum was and what it represented to Romans long ago.

- Oct, 12, 2019 -

Deborah Hannon

Seeing the Colosseum from the underground level was amazing. The tunnel that the gladiators used to get from "Gladiator School" to the Colosseum was mind boggling. That they could transport men, animals, slaves from that level to the Colosseum floor using an "elevator" makes one appreciate the skill level of the ancient Romans.

- Oct, 13, 2019 -

Lisa Stutzenburg

Before visiting Rome, I am ashamed to say that other than gladiators, I didn't really know much about the Colosseum. Our group of 6 toured the Colosseum with a private guide from Rome in Limo and were amazed by its history. How grand it must have been at one time...I was blown away by its story. I could not imagine my visit to Rome being complete without having visited this site. Must see...

- Nov, 30, -0001 -

Roger Holmin

This is the only way to see the iconic Colosseum. Since they restrict the tour to 25 people, it is not crowded and offers views from underground, on the floor of the Colosseum and from the 3rd level, all areas where it is off limits to the general public. You get to experience the true atmosphere and feel like a true gladiator. It is not elbow to elbow like levels 1 and 2 where the general public is. The views of Rome from the 3rd level are spectacular.

- Nov, 30, -0001 -

Edge Kwilla

Skip the queues and take this small group tour (we only had 10 people in ours). You get to see the underground of the Colosseum, hear some really interesting commentary from the English speaking guide (through headsets), take amazing photos looking up at the walls and through the arches. The views looking down from level 3 were also spectacular. I am not really into doing tours but this was a wonderful experience.

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