Colosseum and Nero’s golden house

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Very few people who come to Rome miss the Colosseum. And the Colosseum is such a magnificent place that it is a must-visit for you whoever you are.

On the other hand, there are some magnificent and extremely fascinating places that you might miss cause you don’t know about them well

One such place is Nero’s Golden house

It’s an unbelievable ancient Roman structure buried underground! The engineering of the place is gonna make your day if you realize the complexity of it

The story behind this structure is even more fascinating

The one X-factor that makes this trip complete is the 3D glasses that bring you the virtual experience

Now this will let you comprehend the underground structure so you realize what a historically significant place you are visiting

Colosseum Tour


  • Visit the 1st and 2nd levels of the Colosseum
  • Visit Nero’s buried “golden house”
  • Explore the Golden vault room in virtual reality (3D)
  • Roman forum and palatine Hills tours
  • Walk along Via Sacra
  • Professional tour guide
  • Skip the line entry
  • Duration: 5 hours


  • Food
  • Transportation

The FAQ (Colosseum):

– Is there a chance of tickets running out?

  • Yes. More than 5 million tourists visit the Colosseum every year. While Romantrips always keeps reserved tickets – the demand for tickets is too high

– Tell me more about my guide?

  • Your guide will speak English with a clear accent
  • You will get 100% undivided attention from your guide
  • Your guide will give you interesting insights into the colosseum. For example – What’s with all the walls in the middle of the arena?
  • He/she will lead the trip at a pace that’s not too fast or too slow
  • He/she will show you the best locations for taking pictures. So that you can recall this memory later on

– what should I bring with me during the trip?

  • Sun hat
  • Drinks
  • Sunscreen
  • Passport and ID cards for children

– what are the exclusions?

  • Baby strollers
  • Large bags, luggage

Benefits of  booking a trip with RomanTrips:

– The entry line at the Colosseum can be 2-3 hours long

  • Waiting in the line for 2-3 hours is the last thing you want from your trip, right?
  • With Romantrips, you will enter the arena directly
  • As a benefit, you will now have more time and energy to enjoy your trip

– Buying tickets for the Colosseum can also take 2 hours?

  • Romantrips sends your tickets by email within minutes
  • RomanTrips saves you from a total 5 hour waiting time in lines. (Buying tickets line + entry line)

Your life is your story, we are here to add a beautiful chapter to it. That’s what we have been doing for 10 years. So book your tickets now

Our Physical address:

Via Germanico 27, Rome, Italy


[email protected]



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- Jan, 03, 2020 -

Janul Vardanyan

5 out of 5! our escort was very friendly. no hassle whatsoever. loved the place!

- Jan, 03, 2020 -

Zara Simonyan

I was expecting to see a place made of gold or something. but I wasn’t disappointed. I came to know the place itself is very beautiful and historic.

- Jan, 02, 2020 -

Mayushik Manukyan

wow! I didn’t expect to learn so much about this place. me and my friends really loved the place.

- Jan, 02, 2020 -

Nana Firunts

I’ve never heard of Nero’s golden house before. but was really amazed to learn about the history of this beautiful place. Really learned about a lot of things

- Jan, 01, 2020 -

Karen Derdzyan

what an amazing place to visit in 2020. and servicing was top notch. there was no hassle finding our escort. thank you so much Roman Trip for this amazing trip.