Colosseum: enter through the usually off-limits Gladiator’s gate and explore the arena floor

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Colosseum Gladiator’s gate entry:

You will enter the Colosseum arena through the gladiator’s gate. And, You will take the same footsteps that the gladiators once took.

This is the same path that once led to them to glory or death. Feel the energy that flows through this magnificent, 2000 years old arena.

People come and go throughout the centuries, the mighty Colosseum still stands. It is hard to imagine how the ancient Romans could build such a gigantic structure.

Also, they didn’t just build a gigantic structure, they built it in such a sophisticated way! It’s almost an educational example even for modern-day engineers.

 Colosseum Gladiator’s gate entry tour highlights:

  • Direct entry –Skip the 2 hour-long entry lin
  • The tour is about 1.5 hours. You will visit the entire colosseum
  • enter through the usually off-limits gladiator’s entry
  • English speaking (clear accent), knowledgable tour guide


  • Visit Palantine Hills and Roman forum using this same ticket. Also, you can visit these extra locations on a separate day according to your convenience

A gift from Romantrips – make memories:

We at Romantrips care about your memories. We care about making them more beautiful. So after the trip, you can send the pictures/videos you took of your trip to our official email: [email protected]

  • you will send the images in which you look the best
  • Our professional editor will edit the images so you look perfect
  • we will then send the images (memories) back to you by email
  • It’s 100% free

Cancellation policy:

  • For your convenience – RomanTrips offers a free full-refund cancellation opportunityThe cancellation opportunity is available for up to 24 hours before the trip


– Is there a chance of tickets running out for Gladiator’s gate?

  • Yes. More than 5 million tourists visit the Colosseum every year. While Romantrips always keeps reserved tickets – the demand for tickets is too high

– Tell me more about my guide?

  • Your guide will speak English with a clear accent
  • You will get 100% undivided attention from your guide
  • Your guide will give you interesting insights into the colosseum. For example – What’s with all the walls in the middle of the arena?
  • He/she will lead the trip at a pace that’s not too fast or too slow
  • He/she will show you the best locations for taking pictures. So that you can recall this memory later on

– what should I bring with me during the trip?

  • Sun hat
  • Drinks
  • sunscreen
  • Passport and ID cards for children.

– what are the exclusions?

  • Baby strollers
  • Large bags, luggage

– What are some other Colosseum trips Romantrips offers: 

Benefits of  booking a trip with RomanTrips:

The entry line at the colosseum can be 2-3 hours long.

  • Waiting in the line for 2-3 hours is the last thing you want from your trip, right?
  • With Romantrips, you will enter the arena directly
  • As a benefit, you will now have more time and energy to enjoy your trip.

Buying tickets for the colosseum can also take 2 hours?

  • Romantrips sends your tickets by email within minutes
  • RomanTrips saves you from a total 5 hour waiting time in lines. (Buying tickets line + entry line)

Your life is your story, we are here to add a beautiful chapter to it. That’s what we have been doing for 10 years. So book your tickets for Gladiator’s entrance trip now.

Our Physical address:

Via germanico 27, Rome, Italy


[email protected]



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- Sep, 19, 2019 -

Cherifa Benamrane

The place has pickpockets and scams. So go with an experienced guide or something.

- Sep, 19, 2019 -

Jamil Abdou

If you have to choose one tour out the all tours available in Rome, this is would be my recommendation for. The colosseum is the must visit tour of Rome. We explored the colosseum as if we were historians digging up old Rome!

avatar - Sep, 15, 2019 -

Véronique Atlaoui

Always make sure you have great guide with you. That way u get to learn so many fascinating stories about the colosseum. I think on our trip I learned more history in 3 hours than all of my life combined.

- Sep, 13, 2019 -

Chantal Guen

The colosseum is one magnificent structure that every tourist who visits Rome definitely comes to visit. It is an amazing structure. We really enjoyed the trip.

- Sep, 13, 2019 -

Cuny Myriam

Here is a tip, always buy timed tickets online. Otherwise the entry line is gonna ruin ur trip.

- Sep, 11, 2019 -

Roland Marsalla

I have been dreaming about this for a long time and to finally be able visit the colosseum is unbelievable. The Roman Empire was very impressive. I wonder how many structures such as this one have been lost in time.

- Sep, 10, 2019 -

Emily Dave Bujack

Go with a group of friends and u will have a blast. The colosseum is extremely huge. The rocks are so strong that they are gonna be here even thousands of years after u and I die.

- Sep, 10, 2019 -

Dan Hawcroft

Amazing, mind-blowing tour. We bought skip the line tickets online since we had limited time. Our guide was exceptionally good at presenting the site. As was better than how I imagined it to be and I have say online videos can’t show how great this really is.

- Sep, 09, 2019 -

Brittney Shae

loved the place totally. and to be able to walk through the usually off limit gladiator’s gate made feel so excited. would visit here again soon with my family

- Sep, 09, 2019 -

Terry Smith

I was really amazed to finally be able to witness the beauty of this place. o my god! now that I think about it I feel like it was all a dream.

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