Christian tour of Rome: Visit 5 of the most significant religious locations in Rome

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On this Christian tour of Rome, you visit Via Appia Antica, Catacombs, Basilic of Santa Maria Maggiore, Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano.

First, you will visit the Esquiline hill. Your guide will help you explore. Your guide will show you the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

You will next visit the  Scala Sancta, the Lateran Palace and the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran. 

Your journey has more locations to explore yet.

During your tour, you will walk around Appia Antica too. You will walk up to the Chapel “Domine quo Vadis”.

Now at this point in your trip, you will visit St. Callisto or Santa Domitilla or San Sebastiano, the first refuge of Christians.

Your trip ends at Caracalla Spas. Here you will an exterior view of the extravagant place.

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  • Experienced, informative tour guide.
  • Visit 5 of the most significant religious locations in Rome.
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- Oct, 13, 2019 -

Klaus Dilley

People spends a lot of time in places but never enough in religious places because they think these places are not beautiful. But these people are wrong and on this trip I found evidence of that.

- Oct, 13, 2019 -

Parker Brown

Our guide was super engaging and informative. I wish I had a guide like this in my Colosseum trip. In my experience romatrips always sends these professional guides. Love you guys for that.

- Oct, 12, 2019 -

Ryan Coker

Never realized how fulfilling it can be to visit Holy places but this trip honestly moved me from inside. The guide was supremely informative. Best tour so far.

- Oct, 11, 2019 -

Michael Kinkor

I never went to so many basilicas at one day. This is mind-blowing.So many locations at once. Long trip but every aspect of it was memorable. By the way, I have never seen such beautiful places in my life. Romantrips has done a fantastic job putting together this trip.

avatar - Oct, 11, 2019 -

Donna Skelly

F****k the catacombs was scary. I wouldn’t recommend it for children but if u are an adult with balls this is a trip to prove that u r a man! Otherwise dnt dare go there.

- Oct, 10, 2019 -

Susan Bugbee

The stories that I got to learn about these hoy places from our guide overwhelmed me. You need a hard stomach to go on this trip.

- Oct, 11, 2019 -

Marcia Bushee

This is unique kind of tour than what we used to in Rome. But the trip actually brings out the religious side in you if you are Christian. Money aint a thing in this world, I urge everyone to take this tour.

- Aug, 10, 2019 -

Ines Seibot

I was in awe to see all the beautiful structures in Rome. Even if you’re not a Christian there’s a lot to learn about other cultures in here. I’d really recommend this trip 10/10

- Aug, 09, 2019 -

Markus Gawenat

Had a great day with our very informative tourist guide. She told us all about the cultures of ancient Rome. It was amazing to visit there.

- Aug, 09, 2019 -

Etti Schatz

I was amazed to learn about the cultures and religions from our guide. She was very co-operative and friendly. Overall me and my family had a great time.

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