Capuchin Crypt: Skip-the-Line entry. Go on a creepy adventure inside underground tunnels of Rome surrounded by the bones of thousands of dead people

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From dust, we come and to dust, we shall go! Remembering death lets us think of our mortality. And it is mortality that makes every moment so precious! So go on a thrilling adventure inside the Capuchin Crypt (a 500 years old monastery). And realize how precious life is!

Before that –

Can you handle being surrounded by the bones of thousands of dead people? it’s creepy as hell!

Warning: don’t try any kind of ritual on these dead people, please! You don’t want thousands of skeletons running around Rome looking for you on holiday. That is unless you are a fan of Mummies. Cheers!


  • Skip the long entry line – save yourself from the boredom of waiting in the long entry line. Also, saving time and energy here will let you enjoy your adventure inside the Capuchin Crypt much better
  • Explore the 500 years old monastery. Discover the secrets that this creepy place hides
  • Come out with a new appreciation to each and every moment that you are alive


– Is this a guided tour?

  • Yes

– Tell me more about my guide?

  • Your guide will lead you throughout the whole trip
  • Your group will get 100% undivided attention from your guide
  • Your guide will speak English with a clear accent
  • The tour guide knows his stuff. He will engage with you anywhere you need
  • Your guide will give you interesting insights into the crypt and the bones
  • He/she will lead the trip at a pace that’s not too fast or too slow

– Is there a dress code?

Yes, no shorts or sleeveless tops permitted. Knees and shoulders MUST be covered for both gentlemen and women.

– Is this trip wheelchair accessible?


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  • Our professional editor will edit the images so you look perfect
  • we will then send the images (memories) back to you by email
  • It’s 100% free

Trip Cancellation policy:

For your convenience – RomanTrips offers a free full-refund cancellation opportunityThe cancellation is available for up to 24 hours before the trip.

Your life is your story, we are here to add a beautiful chapter to it. That’s what we have been doing for 10 years. So book your tickets now.

Our Physical address/Meeting point:

Via germanico 27, Rome, Italy


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- Sep, 19, 2019 -

Alex Rimes

Its not a long trip, the monks are lovely. Visiting the crypt surely makes u remember death and in doing so u r forced to honor life. We were lucky to have been accompanied with an exceptionally entertaining tour guide.

- Sep, 19, 2019 -

Cody Codding

Go with a tour guide, the crypt has so much history. And the histories are fascinating.

- Sep, 17, 2019 -

Greg Adams

Not a must visit in my opinion but quite an extraordinary place. For those who have time, this is an interesting and creepy place.

- Sep, 17, 2019 -

Benjo McLoughlin

Entry price was fair. The place itself is pretty creepy and would like to visit again. The experience is nothing like anything else. I for one highly recommend it.

- Sep, 15, 2019 -

Mike Jones

Its not expensive to get here. But this is definitely the most intriguing museum in Rome. I wonder how all of those bones were collected? Should have asked my guide!

avatar - Sep, 14, 2019 -

Richard Barnes

This was a great peak into a unique side of Rome’s history. The place is very interesting in a little scary way. Our guide was very good at story telling. If u visit here, get a professional guide.

- Sep, 14, 2019 -

Robert Rodoreda

Fantastic filled with history! This was a religious trip in a weird way. My kids wanted to see this place. By the way, if u ever visit here get a guide. The stories about the place is fascinating.

- Sep, 13, 2019 -

Paul Pickering

The bone watching was chilling. 5 star site with one drawback of not taking pictures! The bones are assembled in an interesting order.

- Sep, 13, 2019 -

Raymond W

It was interesting. The bones are more beautiful than scary. I really enjoyed the tour and the stories felt fascinating to me. My time here was spent well.

- Sep, 13, 2019 -

Justin Peterson

One quite morning, I decided to visit this intriguing place and I visited when the place was empty. So for me the experience was peaceful and personal. They dnt allow photos inside but otherwise it’s a pretty exceptional experience!!!

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