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In the 17th century, there was a man very wealthy man in Rome. His name was Cardinal Borghese. He was the nephew of the pope and a true admirer of Baroque art. Borghese Gallery was his home at the time.

With unlimited wealth at his disposal, he filled his family home (17th-century villa) with art and sculptures

Today, 300 years later – this once lavish home of the Borghese family home invites art lovers from all over the world. To many of them, it’s an honor and privilege to witness such mindblowing art and sculptures

If you are an admirer of art – this is one privilege you don’t want to miss

Since this is one of the top art galleries in Europe and the world, You can only enter if you have reserved tickets

And because of the extreme demand – tickets are likely to be sold out

By the way – entry to this gallery is carefully monitored. This means that unlike the other nearby galleries, this exclusive collection of art is never crowded. You can enjoy your visit like a true art lover!


  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Priority access – Save time and energy so you can enjoy every moment inside


  • Audio guide
  • Tour guide

If you are looking for a guided tour of the Borghese Gallery, we recommend you move forward with the following tour:

Know before you go:

  • Garden walking is not available for a 7 pm tour. And the tour length is 2 hours in this case
  • The tour is wheelchair friendly
  • Involves a fair amount of walking through the gallery – wear comfortable shoes
  • The use of a mobile phone is prohibited inside the gallery
  • Bags are not allowed for security reasons


We are sorry but there is no refund for these tickets

Your life is your story, we are here to add a beautiful chapter to it. That’s what we have been doing for 10 years. So book your tickets now

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Via Germanico 27, Rome, Italy


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- Jan, 22, 2020 -

Yossi Nadaf

Life without art is life without beauty, Feeling blessed to have been to such a magnificent place.

- Jan, 22, 2020 -

Kutchy Hesing

Life without art is life without beauty, Feeling blessed to have been to such a magnificent place.

- Jan, 21, 2020 -

Itamar Edri

I wish I knew how to track the artists who made these beautiful art, everyone talks about Borghese but he was not the artist, he just bought them.

avatar - Jan, 21, 2020 -

Lital Suwid

The stories that these arts describe are well beyond my imagination. I should have hired a guide. The tour was still fun, lots of history inside.

- Jan, 21, 2020 -

Avi Pitusi

I rode the boats in the lakes and it was more fun than the museum.

- Jan, 20, 2020 -

Orel Levi

No crowd inside, entry is carefully monitored which gives It an exclusive feeling.

- Jan, 19, 2020 -

Noy Elyasi

The emotions hidden behind those stone faces and the arts in the ceilings touched my heart. And during the evening a walk in the gardens will remove all your stress from last year. It has been a beautiful experience.

- Jan, 19, 2020 -

Yogev Sitbon

My kids oved those gardens, they dnt get to see too many green places.

- Jan, 18, 2020 -

Yaron Granot

After the museum tour I proposed to my girlfriend in hopes that she will say yes because I had hoped that after visiting such a beautiful place she is gonna say yes. And to my delight she has said yes. Rome is the city of dreams coming true.

- Jan, 17, 2020 -

Jason Mann

I have never seen a more beautiful sculptures and the garden are so refreshing. The whole time in the museum was a unforgettable time for me.

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