Borghese Gallery entry tickets

In the 17th century, there was a man very wealthy man in Rome. His name was Cardinal Borghese. He was the nephew of the pope and a true admirer of Baroque art. Borghese Gallery was his home at the time. With unlimited wealth at his disposal, he filled his family home (17th-century villa) with art […]

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Baths of Caracalla

Rome: Baths of Caracalla. Yes, you have seen those tunnels in John wick 2

You will visit this huge ancient Roman public bath (Baths of Caracalla) that could hold 1600 Romans at once! Can you imagine how grand and beautiful it was in its day! Here you will discover a shameless chapter of Ancient Roman history.  That’s because 1600 Romans would get naked publicly to take bath here!!!! feeling […]

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