Florence: Accademia Gallery skip the line guided tour

Accademia Gallery, where one of the most famous statues in the world, the statue of David by Michelangelo is exhibited! This is one of the prime attractions of Florence. Florence is a beautiful city and yet it is galleries like this that make this city a unique attraction to visitors around the world. Highlights: Skip […]

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Venice walking tour with certified guide

Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe that looks like a dream. On this tour, you will experience this beautiful city with a certified guide. You will walk the streets as your certified guide tells you interesting stories and fun facts about the places that you walk by. It’s a classic […]

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Doge's Palace

Venice: Doge’s palace skip the line with walking tour through Venice

Venice, the luxuriously beautiful city that was once a commercial powerhouse of Europe now invites thousands of tourists every year from around the globe. The ruling center of Venice and the residence of Venice’s duke was the elegant palace now knows as Doge’s palace. This palace was built in order to show off the wealth, […]

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Borghese gallery – skip-the-line entry tickets

In the 17th century, there was a man very wealthy man in Rome. His name was Cardinal Borghese (Borghese gallery is named after him). He was the nephew of the pope and a true admirer of Baroque art. With unlimited wealth at his disposal, he filled his family home (17th-century villa) with art and sculptures. […]

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Segway Tour

Comfortable Segway tour for Baroque Architecture admirers and romantic couples

You will love this comfortable and Romantic Segway tour of Rome if you are an admirer of Baroque Art. Rome is a beautiful, romantic city. And a large portion of this beauty comes from the baroque architectures that you see around you when you visit Rome! This is also a Romantic tour for all romantic […]

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Golf Cart Tour

Rome: Super comfortable, Eco friendly Electric Golf Cart city tour

In this tour, you will experience the beauty and history of Rome on a super comfortable, eco-friendly Electric Golf Cart. Now when you are in Rome, it’s obvious that you want your trips to be beautiful and memorable. But more often than not – your experience is ruined by the exhaustion of unnecessary walking. And […]

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